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...discovering old movies one poster at a time

Peruse the hundreds, maybe even thousands whenever I get around to it, of examples of Vintage Movie Lobby Cards spanning the era of silent films to modern slasher flicks, classics, movie monsters, and even foreign posters for favorite films - definitely something for everyone.   

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Land of Six Guns (1940)

Well not much has changed since 1940 I guess, it seems that the Mexican border is still the Land of Six Guns, just like in this wild west tale of cattle-smuggling and romance. These days the six guns are being discharged over drugs and gangs, but it's still the wild west.  Jack Russell and Louise Stanley play a Marshall and his lover who fight for their freedom and their livestock in this typical Saturday afternoon movie fare. Jack Randall and his brother Robert "Bob" Livingston were popular cowboy stars in the forties, another example of talent and timing running in the family. Or maybe it was because they were good on a hores?

Learn more about the film at IMDB  


I Escaped the Gestapo (1943) 

This forgotten flick from 1943, I Escaped the Gestapo,  was a WWII thriller about a forger who is forced to work for the Nazis until he becomes a spy for the FBI instead. There's not much information available about this film... evidently it wasn't very memorable. With no big name stars, and a very low budget, this title card for the film may be the most interesting thing about the film. It's got three distinct scenes and is illustrated in three basic colors and highlights the three "big" stars - Dean Jagger, John Carradine and Mary Brian

Read more about the film at IMDB.