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Peruse the hundreds, maybe even thousands whenever I get around to it, of examples of Vintage Movie Lobby Cards spanning the era of silent films to modern slasher flicks, classics, movie monsters, and even foreign posters for favorite films - definitely something for everyone.   

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Sudan (1930s)

It's hard to remember that merely a generation or two (to me) ago, the majority of people travelled the world primarily through films and television available in their area. Pre-internet America relied on encyclopedias, news reels and exotic adventure movies to round out our fairly narrow world view.  This 1930s documentary by Foy Productions, Sudan, has very little information available about it. I'm guessing it documents the sociological changes that were happening on the continent at the time. The title card tagline reads, " The great love and stark drama of an Arab tribe fighting for its existence!".  Hey, if nothing else, it's got boobies!