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Peruse the hundreds, maybe even thousands whenever I get around to it, of examples of Vintage Movie Lobby Cards spanning the era of silent films to modern slasher flicks, classics, movie monsters, and even foreign posters for favorite films - definitely something for everyone.   

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Clambake (1967)

By 1967, Elvis Presley was nearing the end of his movie career - having played a singing racecar driver, a singing cowboy, a singing Indian, a singing assasin, a singing doctor, a singing lifeguard, a singing soldier, and well, I could go on and on. In Clambake, he's up to his usual singing shenanigans - this time playing a speedboat racer/water ski instructor/oil baron. Little do the lovely beach babes including Shelly Fabares know that he's switched identities with a lowly water ski instructor at a tropical resort. You can guess the rest, boy meets girl, girl wants rich boy, rich boy pretends to be poor boy and tries to seduce girl, girl is interested in other rich boy that looks just like Bill Bixby, etc, etc... 

As lobby cards go, these are pretty uninteresting. Each one features a still from the movie and two black and white illustrations of Elvis. I do find it hilarous all those kids dancing on that tin roof in the first card. Methinks there may be some movie set magic happening there. Spoiler alert - if you do watch the movie - Corbin Bernsen is one of the kids in the playground scene. It's his movie debut!

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