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...discovering old movies one poster at a time

Peruse the hundreds, maybe even thousands whenever I get around to it, of examples of Vintage Movie Lobby Cards spanning the era of silent films to modern slasher flicks, classics, movie monsters, and even foreign posters for favorite films - definitely something for everyone.   

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Robot Monster (1953) in 3D!

Next time you run into a gorilla with just a skull for a head wearing a diving helmet, take my advice and... RUN!!! Or, if you're more inclined, pull up a chair and watch this insanely bad movie. By all accounts 1953's Robot Monster is in the company of awesomely bad movies like Plan 9 from outer space and everything ever spoofed by MST3K - and if the lobby card is any indication, it's just worldwide mayhem waiting to happen. I mean really, "How can science meet the menace of Astral assasins" anyway? The moon monsters evidently team up with dinosaurs(?) and wipe out the human race. Yup, sounds plausible for Saturday afternoon popcorn fare.

Starring George Nader and Claudia Barrett  this Astor Pictures Corp film was presented in 3D just in case the plot couldn't stand on its own. I mean what's not to love about a monster who destroys everyone on earth except a handful of people - then he falls in love with the prettiest of those who are left. I mean, really, they don't make cinema like this anymore in Hollywood.

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Andy Hardy's Private Secretary (1941)

Obviously Andy Hardy is living in the quaint 20th century - in this 1941 movie he hires a secretary since he's finally graduating from high school. Forget a college, getting a secretary is what ALL high school graduates are concerned with! Well, I suppose if your secretary was Kathryn Grayson singing her heart out, and you're the biggest star in Hollywood like Mickey Rooney, one could do worse. This light-hearted fare is illuminated on these lobby cards featuring Andy in a variety of scenes from the picture. Movie also features Ann Rutheford, Fay Holden and Lewis Stone as his parents and long-suffering girlfriend. 

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On the Town (1949)

New York, New York, a helluva town, The Bronx is up, but the Battery's down.
The people ride in a hole in the groun'. New York, New York, it's a helluva town!!

I've always loved this MGM-mega-musical-movie, it reminds me of high school band where we played this song about a thousand times marching up and down the back parking lot. It was years later when I finally saw the movie - and could put the music in it's original Coney Island context. This cute movie about boys on a night of shore leave looking for the "Turnstile of the Month" girl is as madcap as Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra could be in 1949. Here are two lobby cards from the movie - the second one featuring a still with all the lovely ladies (except Vera Ellen) as they're gearing up for their night on the town. Lots of singing and dancing will break out as soon as Ann Miller finishes talking I'm sure....

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I Escaped the Gestapo (1943) 

This forgotten flick from 1943, I Escaped the Gestapo,  was a WWII thriller about a forger who is forced to work for the Nazis until he becomes a spy for the FBI instead. There's not much information available about this film... evidently it wasn't very memorable. With no big name stars, and a very low budget, this title card for the film may be the most interesting thing about the film. It's got three distinct scenes and is illustrated in three basic colors and highlights the three "big" stars - Dean Jagger, John Carradine and Mary Brian

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1984 (1956)

Back in 1956, there was still mystery to the notion that the nightmare of "1984" might come true in time. Although it's not exactly the same 1984 that George Orwell foretold, many of its premises and notions are all too familiar in 2012. This 1956 version of George Orwell's classic, 1984, is the first telling of the book on film and is directed by Michael Anderson and stars Edmond O'BrienDonald Pleasance, Jan Sterling and Michael Redgrave.

George Orwell would be happy to find out that ecstasy is not a crime in the present - it's a billion dollar business. Sneak a peak at a little literary lust featured on this complete set of the movie's lobby cards. 

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