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Celebrity Veterans

Before you knew them as actors, musicians, politicians and important personalities, these brave men and women served their respective countries in both times of war and times of peace. This page serves as nothing more than a way to honor that legacy of commitment and service.

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Johnny Carson, US Navy 1943-1946

Johnny Carson (Entertainer)
(John William Carson)
b. 23 Oct 1925 – d. 23 Jan 2005
US Navy, 1943-1946 
(World War II) 

Admitted to the U.S. Navy's V-12 officer training program in 1943 and commissioned as an ensign in 1945, Johnny Carson reported for duty aboard the USS Pennsylvania on Aug. 14, just two days after the battleship had been hit by a kamikaze. As the new ensign on board, Carson was detailed to supervise the recovery of the bodies of sailors killed in the attack. He left the service in 1946.