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Celebrity Veterans

Before you knew them as actors, musicians, politicians and important personalities, these brave men and women served their respective countries in both times of war and times of peace. This page serves as nothing more than a way to honor that legacy of commitment and service.

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Eddie Albert, US Navy, 1942-1945

Eddie Albert (Actor)
(Edward Albert Heimberger)
b. 22 Apr 1906 – d. 26 May 2005
US Navy, Naval Reserves 1942-1945
(World War II, Saipan, Tarawa)

Prior to World War II, Albert was a high-wire artist and a working clown with the Escalante Brother Circus touring Mexico as a cover for his undercover Intellegence gathering for the US Army. He was charged with photographing German U-Boats in Mexican harbors.

On September 9, 1942, Albert enlisted in the US Navy where he served in several Pacific invasions. Albert served in the landings at Saipan in 1943 where he rescued wounded and stranded Marines from the beachhead. During the bloody battle at Tarawa in November 1943, acting as the pilot of a U.S. Coast Guard landing craft, he rescued 47 Marines who were stranded offshore (and supervised the rescue of 30 others), while under heavy enemy machine-gun fire. This earned him a Bronze Star with Combat “V”.  It was here where he was wounded, losing much of his hearing and earning a Purple Heart.  In 1943 he was discharged and accepted an appointment as a lieutenant in the Naval Reserves where he was used in War Bond Drives.