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Before they were stars, these famous faces still had to make a living. Many, many celebrities cut their teeth in television's commercial wasteland. Enjoy these commercials from the last 50 years or so in all their glory. Browse commercials by celebrity by the list on the right.

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Suzanne Somers moves her tail for you!

Continental Airlines recruited sexy Suzanne Somers to shake her corporate tail feather in this circa 70something commercial spot. Accompainied by a throng of crooning co-workers, she extols the merits of the new DC10 Express Flight to Chicago. The goofy theme song with the tagline of "We really move our tail for you!" would be the highlight of this commercial if not for the eternally cute Suzanne. She's here in her heydey of blonde ambition, looking fresh and ready to fly the friendly skies. Oh duh... that's United Airlines. Wait, aren't they the same company now? I can't keep up... just press play and watch already.