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Before they were stars, these famous faces still had to make a living. Many, many celebrities cut their teeth in television's commercial wasteland. Enjoy these commercials from the last 50 years or so in all their glory. Browse commercials by celebrity by the list on the right.

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Old Navy commercials that should have their own Nick at Nite show...

The late 90s were a kitschy time for the Old Navy brand, they drug out nostalgic stars to lure us into buying surplus pants and performance fleece. I've rounded up three Carrie Donovan commercials where she is cavorting with A, okay B, okay C listers as they hock the weekly wares for ON.  First up is a 1998 Christmas ditty with Morgan Fairchild and Carrie practically chanting "performance fleece"... worth watching for Morgan's trombone pantomime halfway through.  

Next up, Earth Kitt and Ms. Donovan purr out their love for surplus pants in this 1999 spot. Eartha seduces Magic the dog with her feline fabulosity and flips over Old Navy's prices. Gotta say she looks pretty damn good in this commercial.

And lastly, this 1997 "Magic Holiday Special"  has Carrie celebrating with her celeb pals Tom and Dick, aka the Smothers Brothers, BenVereen, and Morgan Fairchild in true loose, layered, fun style! Can you imagine actually being stuck at a lodge with this group... what in the world would the evening devolve to after the merits of performance fleece had been exhausted in conversation. The imagination runs wild.... something tells me Ben is a bad boy.