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Before they were stars, these famous faces still had to make a living. Many, many celebrities cut their teeth in television's commercial wasteland. Enjoy these commercials from the last 50 years or so in all their glory. Browse commercials by celebrity by the list on the right.

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Remember when Madonna was fun?

Back when MTV still had something to do with music - stars showed their political prowess by filming Rock the Vote spots recruiting young and most likely completely politically clueless voters. This Madonna commercial features the hypersexed Ms. M scantically clad and wrapped in an American Flag (scandalous, not) rapping about civic duty to the tune of Vogue. It's really more a series of outtakes showing the now-only-seen-if-perfect Madonna back when she didn't give a crap what people thought. I miss that Madonna.


Before he was cheesy in Late Night...

Before he had the hottest spot in late night tv, Jay Leno was spending his days wandering the streets peddling Jumpin' Jack Cheese Doritos. Looks like stereotypical 1990 teens all love the cheesy goodness. Cheesy outfits, cheesy snacks... ah, the good old days.