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Before they were stars, these famous faces still had to make a living. Many, many celebrities cut their teeth in television's commercial wasteland. Enjoy these commercials from the last 50 years or so in all their glory. Browse commercials by celebrity by the list on the right.

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If you like your Polident clean & green, then smile!

Polident knows how to bring out the Hollywood haymakers from days gone by! Back in 1986 they searched high and low for old-timers who chose a new set of chompers along with their mid-life facelifts and rounded up the likes of Martha Raye, Henny Youngman, Danny Thomas and Yvonne DeCarlo to show off their fake pearly whites. I wonder if Danny Thomas is relying on the cleaning power of Polident to get those smoke stains back out of his smile? I hope for the sake of his endorsement deal, that the power of Polident prevails. 


Goin' ape for Jell-O Grape

Kids aren't the only thing goin' ape for Jell-O grape flavor. Bill Cosby goes a little wacky on us in this rap/hip hop inspired ad from around 1986. It's like a lot of commercials I remember from the eighties... Dorky song? check. Colorful clothes? check. Bill Cosby surrounded by cute kids singing about food? Check! Anybody notice that that cute kid in the braids is a pre-5-time-arrest Lindsay Lohan? Maybe it's time for Bill to reach out and go all Cliff Huxtable on Lindsay. Snap her back in line, Bill!


Keep your personal assets to yourself, Larry

This 1986 BVD underwear commercial features Larry Hagman at the height of his J.R. Ewing heyday. I forgot how fun his smug, arrogant, smarmy alter-ego was.