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Before they were stars, these famous faces still had to make a living. Many, many celebrities cut their teeth in television's commercial wasteland. Enjoy these commercials from the last 50 years or so in all their glory. Browse commercials by celebrity by the list on the right.

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She's a doll, y'all.

I suppose the teenage dream, is to not only be as perfect as a Barbie doll, but to actually BE a Barbie doll. Brooke Shields was immortalized forever in this 1982 commercial for a doll of her likeness. Although she wasn't an official Barbie, she was obviously better - she comes with lots of clothes, a brush and a ring for ME! The way that girl thanks her doll is a little weird. I gotta admit, I was fascinated with Brooke Shields around this time after I watched Endless Love one night while babysitting. Probably the first rated R movie I ever saw. She was a "woman" in my eyes. lol.