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Celebrity Bloggers

The world-wide interweb is an equal opportunity space – and some celebrities take the opportunity to speak straight to the people and weigh in on the issues of the world, or of the moment, or of pure narcissism. You see, in this day and age when any old slob can have a blog, the celebrities are trying to be like us! Isn’t that cute?


Anyways, catch up with what’s on the minds of these note-worthy names.


Adam Duritz
Adrianne Curry
Al Franken
Alan Dershowitz
Al Roker
Alec Baldwin
Alexis Stewart
Alyssa Milano 
Andy Dick
Anna Kournikova

Barbra Streisand
Ben Lee
BareNaked Ladies
Bianca Jagger
Bill Maher
Bob Mould
Brian May
Brian Williams
Burt Bacharach

Candy Spelling
Christine Lahti
Christopher Guest
Christy Turlington
Courtney Love

Dane Cook
Dave Barry
David Beckham
Deepak Chopra

Elayne Boosler

Gene Simmons