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80 years of Vintage Celebrity Ads • • •

It takes more than talent to have a long career in Hollywood, and our beloved stars of past and present have turned to many a lucrative endorsement deal to pump up their incomes and their images. Selling everything from fur coats to furniture to face cream, many of these ads have shaped our popular culture and influenced trends for decades. 

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Carole Lombard times two- from ciggies to silverware!

1937 Lucky Strike featuring Carole Lombard

The "men who know tobacco best" favored Lucky Strikes - and everyone knows that 2 out of 3 doctors can never be wrong. This 1937 print ad features a sexy Carole Lombard (from the new Paramount production "True Confession") sharing her singing coach's recommendation of Lucky Strikes because they're easier on the throat. 

"When I had to sing in a recent picture," says Carole Lombard, "I considered giving up smoking. But my voice teacher said I needn't if I'd select a light smoke - Luckies. I soon found that even when singing and acting twelve hours a day, I can smoke as many Luckies as I like without the slightest throat irritation."

I suppose it's a shame Ms. Lombard didn't live long enough to learn if her voice teacher would become accessory to murder by cigarettes. What an innocent time the 30s were. For that matter so were the 40s, 50s, 60s and much of the 70s. Not to mention that this might be the "prettiest" cigarette ad I remember seeing.

1940 Rogers Bros. Silverware

This 1940 ad for "America's Finest Silverplate" 1847 Rogers Bros. "Adoration" silverware has Lombard seductively soliciting, "Don't trust my eyes - use yours." Okay Carole, in truth, it looks like my grandma's old silverware, so I guess your take on decadent decor was spot on. My grandma was a classy lady after all. This ad references her 1940 movie "They Knew What They Wanted"  which is where I surmise the feature photo may be from. I think she looks a little like Meryl Streep in this pic.