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80 years of Vintage Celebrity Ads • • •

It takes more than talent to have a long career in Hollywood, and our beloved stars of past and present have turned to many a lucrative endorsement deal to pump up their incomes and their images. Selling everything from fur coats to furniture to face cream, many of these ads have shaped our popular culture and influenced trends for decades. 

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Passion Perfume 1980s

A Passionate Moment... A Passionate Fragrance.

Although this isn't an ad of significant vintage, the image is a classic Elizabeth Taylor beauty shot. Her fragrance line includes three perfumes, "Passion," "White Diamonds," and "Black Pearls," that together earn an estimated $200 million in annual sales.

One thing Ms. Taylor always exuded throughout her career was her passion for life. She definitely went all out when she was acting, loving or giving. A generous philantropist and notorious bride, this ad shows off a little of what makes Ms. Taylor sizzle!