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80 years of Vintage Celebrity Ads • • •

It takes more than talent to have a long career in Hollywood, and our beloved stars of past and present have turned to many a lucrative endorsement deal to pump up their incomes and their images. Selling everything from fur coats to furniture to face cream, many of these ads have shaped our popular culture and influenced trends for decades. 

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Brooke Shields has always cared about her teeth.

After all these years, Brooke Shields is still knockin out toothpaste commercials. As this 1975 pretty-baby-era Brook ad reminds us, her allegiance has shifted from Colgate to Crest over the last 30ish years. However her teeth still look great - so she should just keep doing whatever she's doing.

In this early 80s Cannon Mills towel ad - Brooke is giving Joan Collins a run for her big haired money. With a tagline like "Two of the most famous names in America bathe together" you would have thought some genius ad guy might have put both Brooke and Joan in the same towel. Now THAT would increase sales!



Cannon Mills Ad - 1980s Bathroom Glamour

Joan Collins, the queen of 1980s glamour, wouldn't be caught dead creeping out of her marble and moonstone shower without a luxurious Cannon Mills towel hanging just outside ready to welcome her into terrycloth heaven. It just wouldn't suit her! As the headline says,

"Two of the most famous names in America bathe together."

I suppose back in 1984, Joan might have been one of the most famous names in America (she's British, right?)... but I'm pretty sure that Cannon Mills was never top of mind for the majority of sexy hausfraus like Joan. Either way, Joan looks great, the towels look soft and this ad is 80s divaliciousness all the way!