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80 years of Vintage Celebrity Ads • • •

It takes more than talent to have a long career in Hollywood, and our beloved stars of past and present have turned to many a lucrative endorsement deal to pump up their incomes and their images. Selling everything from fur coats to furniture to face cream, many of these ads have shaped our popular culture and influenced trends for decades. 

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Uta "Pass me a Blatz" Hagen, lived in Milwaukee, so she oughta know!

The Broadway babe, Uta Hagen, does her best shill job for her "hometown" beer, Blatz Beer, the better tasting beer for the 99th year! There were a series of these ads throughout the late 40s and early 50s featuring celebs from, or who had ties to,  the Milwaukee area including Sid Caesar, Don Ameche, Liberace, Groucho Marx and more. 

Wisconsinites like me are used to fine beers, says Uta Hagen. "Because Milwaukee is America's preium beer capital, we always have our choice of the best. And, like most Milwaukeeans, I choose Blatz. It's Milwaukee's finest beer!" 

It doesn't seem as if Blatz need for their celeb endorsers to have particularly close ties to Milwaukee to qualify - Uta lived there, Liberace was from there, while Groucho has only "been there." I guess they decided to hilight his Emmy to help up his credibility a bit. I wonder if Prince would have done a Blatz Beer ad had he been groovin in the fifties.... either way, Cheers!