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80 years of Vintage Celebrity Ads • • •

It takes more than talent to have a long career in Hollywood, and our beloved stars of past and present have turned to many a lucrative endorsement deal to pump up their incomes and their images. Selling everything from fur coats to furniture to face cream, many of these ads have shaped our popular culture and influenced trends for decades. 

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Chuck Norris' Action Jeans - Buns of steel for the man of action.

Chuck Norris put his unmatched prowess at life to work when he identified a need for comfortable, flexible denim slacks in the bad-guy-beat-down industry. These jeans were,

Developed by Chuck Norris for stunt fighting in action movies. These great looking western style jeans have a unique hidden gusset which allows greater movement without binding or riding. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Well, well, I'd expect nothing less from Mr. Norris than action-packed perfection. Move over, pajama jeans, let's bring ass-kickin action jeans back, bitches! All that potential for only $24.99. I'll take that gamble, Chuck. Can I call ya Chuck? :-/