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What's the bellybuzz?

What's new here at BellyBuzz? Been busy posting a little here and there and recent highlights include:

1. Check out the lastest print ads @ Vintage Celebrity Ads including classics featuring Betty Grable for Chesterfield Cigarettes, Woody Allen for Smirnoff Vodka, and Mr. Smooth himself, Telly Savalas, for Black Velvet Whisky.


2. Check out the lastest recipes @ Magazine Recipe Archive for some tasty treats from Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart. Ricotta Gnocchi Bake and Grape Tarts sound delicious and perfect for this fall weather. Treat yourself and give them a try.


Hello there!

It's official -- I've decided to start blogging again. I actually decided right now, just as I started typing this. Lucky for you, this promise is preserved for posterity until I get lazy, get bored or just plain change my mind and delete it out of bad blogger shame. Until then... enjoy!

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