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It's not better to see you with my sweet...

The first time I remember encountering some one with an eye patch - I was about 9 years old. A kid on our block had been stung in the eyeball by a bee and had to wear a patch for several days. And you thought it couldn't happen to you folks... believe me it can. And it is gruesome!

Years ago I had my own unwanted experience with this first aid fashion accessory. About fifteen years ago I had a bout of bells palsy (major suckage) and for about a month I had to wear an eyepatch. If you're not familiar with bp - it's basically when the chicken pox virus goes haywire in your system and mutates into a strain that attacks your facial nerves rendering half of your face paralyzed. Dead sexy is what I call it. lol. Anyhoo... I couldn't close my eye without using my finger so wearing a patch day and night was imperative.

Surprisingly, there's not a huge market for adorable eye patches that don't make you look like Captain Bly's chambermaid. I found a few at the drug store, in the requisite black and white. I couldn't stand the thought of donning this device straight off the CVS rack so I doctored mine up with decorations including an old STP patch and a pink sequined star. My favorite was one had a giant button sewn on it. I'm sure it was ridiculous trying to carry on a conversation with me when I looked like a deranged Mel Brooks character. To think of the meetings I sat in on and conducted. That's hilarity in the workplace folks. Anyways - I wish shops like Snapping Dragon Leather on Etsy were around back then - I would have totally rocked that Octopus eyepatch. I wonder if it qualifies for business casual?

The other night, I was watching Spies Like Us and while cracking up at Chevy Chase cheating on his spy exam, my mind started to wander. It wandered away to peruse the vast interwebs for pictures celebrities wearing eye patches... some movie characters came to mind, along with a few fashion icons. Because I have nothing better to do - I quickly collected quite a group of one-eyed visages. So go get your Visine, pop a few drops and sit down to scroll through the gallery of celebs in eyepatches, complete with appearances by the patched AND monocle'd John Ford, the Days of our Lives heartthrob Patch Johnson and a couple of extra shots of the princess of patches - Rihanna. Leave it to the stars to sport this swashbuckling style with such savoir faire. 

Celebrities in Eyepatches

If I missed any (and I'm sure I did so lay off already!), leave a comment and add to the list. I'll give you a gold star for participation!

Alexander SkarsgardAlyson Hanigan Andrew Dice Clay

Angelina JolieAnthony Hopkins Bette Davis


Boris KarloffChevy Chase Christina Aguilera


Christopher PlummerCrispin Glover Danny Glover


Darren CrissDaryl Hannah David Bowie


David HasselhoffDennis Hopper Frank Sinatra


Fritz LangGeorge Harrison Heidi Klum


James JoyceJames Remar Janice Dickinson


Jared LetoJeff Bridges John Ford


John GoodmanJohn Wayne Julia Ormand


Karl LagerfeldKurt Russell Lady Gaga


Larry KingLawrence Olivier Leona Lewis


Lindsay LohanMadonna Marilyn Manson


Martin KoveMichael Hogan Nicholas Ray


Olivia DeHavillandPete Burns Rihanna


Robert DuvallRobert Wagner Rob Lowe


Sammy Davis Jr.Samuel L Jackson Solange Knowles


Stephen NicholsSwoozie Kurtz Tom Cruise


Will FerrellZsa Zsa Gabor