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Great moments in Elvis History - the Muppet Edition.

What's better than Elvis? 3 Elvises! What's better than 3 Elvi? 3 Elvis muppets!! The fact that there are three Elvis muppets singing their way through history from ancient Rome to Camelot is enough to make my heart explode into millions of little blue suede shoes of happiness. I'm not sure exactly where this is from, but I assume it was on some episode of The Muppet Show.

<<Note: Due to the devout nature of my parents, I never got to watch the Muppet Show because it came on at 6pm on Sunday night and we always had to go to church. I'm still partially convinced that Disney IS run by the devil and that's why it was ran during Sunday evening services. All the heathen boys and girls would be home to watch - and recruit.  Hmmm... anyway - Sorry for the tangent >>

In the immortal words of "Elvis of Arabia"... "dang, it's hot in here." So, I'm gonna go grab a Pepsi (E's favorite) and watch the show.