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Mmmm cookies - or, how to have your celebrity and eat them too.

Well, the holidays are officially coming to a close and I've gotten into a nasty habit of baking and eating cookies over the last few weeks. Seriously, if a cookie has found it's way into my path, it hasn't been allowed to linger for long. So, in an effort to change my sugar-scarfing ways, I decided to LOOK at pictures of cookies online instead of looking for cookie recipes. Imagine the crazy things I found, readers, just imagine!

There seems to be no end to how we will celebrate those famous and infamous folks we collectively admire. We write about them, chase them down in the streets and bake little treats and decorate them with their beautiful faces. That doesn't sound creepy does it? Anyhoo, upon my cookie quest I curated this cute collection of celebrity cookies that I thought you might enjoy.

I had to start with these awesome Glee cookies - they're done so well I'd hate to eat them (yeah right). Actually, they look quite a bit better than the show has looked this season. All the characters are pretty recognizable - although not sure which is Britney and which is Quinn, nor am I sure what's up with Mercedes' hair, but who cares, it's a cookie for crap's sake. Regardless, there's something for everyone in the slideshow below: a little Britney Spears, some Justin Beiber, some homemade Spice Girls and Weird Al and a dash of Willie Nelson just for fun. 

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