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Mmmm cookies - or, how to have your celebrity and eat them too.

Well, the holidays are officially coming to a close and I've gotten into a nasty habit of baking and eating cookies over the last few weeks. Seriously, if a cookie has found it's way into my path, it hasn't been allowed to linger for long. So, in an effort to change my sugar-scarfing ways, I decided to LOOK at pictures of cookies online instead of looking for cookie recipes. Imagine the crazy things I found, readers, just imagine!

There seems to be no end to how we will celebrate those famous and infamous folks we collectively admire. We write about them, chase them down in the streets and bake little treats and decorate them with their beautiful faces. That doesn't sound creepy does it? Anyhoo, upon my cookie quest I curated this cute collection of celebrity cookies that I thought you might enjoy.

I had to start with these awesome Glee cookies - they're done so well I'd hate to eat them (yeah right). Actually, they look quite a bit better than the show has looked this season. All the characters are pretty recognizable - although not sure which is Britney and which is Quinn, nor am I sure what's up with Mercedes' hair, but who cares, it's a cookie for crap's sake. Regardless, there's something for everyone in the slideshow below: a little Britney Spears, some Justin Beiber, some homemade Spice Girls and Weird Al and a dash of Willie Nelson just for fun. 

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Great moments in Elvis History - the Muppet Edition.

What's better than Elvis? 3 Elvises! What's better than 3 Elvi? 3 Elvis muppets!! The fact that there are three Elvis muppets singing their way through history from ancient Rome to Camelot is enough to make my heart explode into millions of little blue suede shoes of happiness. I'm not sure exactly where this is from, but I assume it was on some episode of The Muppet Show.

<<Note: Due to the devout nature of my parents, I never got to watch the Muppet Show because it came on at 6pm on Sunday night and we always had to go to church. I'm still partially convinced that Disney IS run by the devil and that's why it was ran during Sunday evening services. All the heathen boys and girls would be home to watch - and recruit.  Hmmm... anyway - Sorry for the tangent >>

In the immortal words of "Elvis of Arabia"... "dang, it's hot in here." So, I'm gonna go grab a Pepsi (E's favorite) and watch the show. 


Elvis by every other name... just as sweet? 

I was cruising around on chasing some random thought that I had while watching television and eventually found my way to Elvis Presley's imdb profile. After skimming the endless soundtrack list, I found his acting list - a total of 31 movies. Something struck me as quite hilarious... the names of the characters that EP played in his cookie-cutter canned movies have the most benign, yet hilarious, names. For every character named Mike Edwards there's a Tulsa McClean. Boys next door, bad boys, cowboys and crooners - Clint, Glenn, Rusty, or Vince - the names are an interesting microcosm of romance novel heroes and weekly serial stereotypes that Elvis was destined (or doomed) to play.

Of course there's a couple of random beauties thrown in the mix for good measure... Walter Gulick? Really? Who sees Elvis and says to themselves, "Now THAT'S Walter Gulick!"? Check out the complete list of his characters below... which is your favorite?

1956 - Clint Reno in Love Me Tender
1957 - Jimmy Tompkins AKA Deke Rivers in Loving You
1957 - Vince Everett in Jailhouse Rock
1958 - Danny Fisher in King Creole
1960 - Tulsa McClean in G.I. Blues
1960 - Pacer Burton in Flaming Star
1961 - Glenn Tyler in Wild in the Country
1961 - Chad Gates in Blue Hawaii
1962 - Toby Kwimper in Follow that Dream
1962 - Walter Gulick in Kid Galahad
1962 - Ross Carpenter in Girls! Girls! Girls!
1963 - Mike Edwards in It Happened at the World's Fair
1963 - Mike Windgren in Fun in Acapulco
1964 - Josh Morgan / Jodie Tatum in Kissin' Cousins
1964 - Lucky Jackson in Viva Las Vegas
1964 - Charlie Rogers in Roustabout
1965 - Rusty Wells in Girl Happy
1965 - Lonnie Beale AKA The Panhandle Kid in Tickle Me
1965 - Johnny Tyronne in Harum Scarum
1966 - Johnny in Frankie and Johnny
1966 - Rick Richards in Paradise, Hawaiian Style
1966 - Mike McCoy in Spinout
1967 - Lt. Ted Jackson in Easy Come, Easy Go
1967 - Guy Lambert in Double Trouble
1967 - Scott Hayward in Clambake
1968 - Joe Lightcloud in Stay Away Joe
1968 - Steve Grayson in Speedway
1968 - Greg Nolan in Live a Little, Love a Little
1969 - Jess Wade in Charro!
1969 - Walter Hale in The Trouble with Girls
1969 - Dr. John Carpenter in Change of Habit

The finally tally? 3 Mikes, 3 John/Johnnys, 2 Walters (who knew?), 1 doctor, 1 lieutenant, two aliases, 2 adjectives (Rusty and Lucky) and one cool noun named Pacer.