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My favorite Google....

I was perusing my website, pretending that I wanted to care about updating this blog... so naturally, I got distracted and started browsing the search terms that brought visitors to ye olde Bellybuzz... I've decided to pride myself in the diversity of curiosity from whence they all came. Here's my favorite 10 from the last 1000 or so folks that stopped by:

"modern grave stones"

"dick clark corn fritters"

"should wear my eye patch"

"manly chest hair cartoon"

"matthew mcconaghey t-rex arms"

"mule party"

"brass lady baltimore"

"can you still buy the mary lou retton pony sneakers"

"puff pastry pork pie"

"tooth tattoos"

Well, alrighty then... did we learn anything kiddoes? No? Well, here's one for the road, "was dr. ruth a sniper? ". Search for yourself and see where these terms may take you - I'm too lazy to link 'em up for you. It's late... and I don't feel like making any excuses.

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