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Welcome to Moscow, USA!

First United Methodist Church, Moscow ID I can see Russia from my state? No wait, that's just Moscow.  You might hear that Palinesque nonsense in any one of 18 of these united states, as there are 18 American Moscows, well actually seventeen and one Moscow Mills but who's splitting hairs? Man has migrated far and wide and named many a municipality across our motherland after the majestic metropolis, Moscow. I managed to find actual (and often mundane) photographic evidence of these (mostly) tiny townships, geographical groupings and possibly a ghost town or two. Most of these are so small they don't even have a Wikipedia entry with some notable exceptions, Idaho in particular. 

Moscow, Idaho has a population of over 23,000 and a history dating back to 1871. According to wikipedia — the precise origin of the name Moscow has been disputed, but there is no proof that it was named by a Russian or for the Russian city . It was reported by early settlers that five men in the area met to choose a proper name for the town, but could not come agree on a name. The postmaster Samuel Neff completed the official papers for the town and selected the name Moscow. Interestingly, Neff was born in Moscow, Pennsylvania and later moved to Moscow, Iowa.

Anyways, time to sit back and take a tour of the Moscows of America - Счастливого пути !

1. Moscow, Alabama 



2. Moscow, Arkansas

 Click below for 15 more Moscows!


3. Moscow, Idaho



4. Moscow, Indiana 



5. Moscow, Iowa



6. Moscow, Kansas



7. Moscow, Maine



8. Moscow, Maryland



9. Moscow, Michigan



10. Moscow, Minnesota



11. Moscow Mills, Missouri



12. Moscow, North Dakota



13. Moscow, Ohio



14. Moscow, Pennsylvania



15. Moscow, Tennessee



16. Moscow, Texas



17. Moscow, Vermont



18. Moscow, Wisconsin

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