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Frequently "Asked" Questions

This section is not actually made up of questions that are asked frequently, or in many cases, have been asked at all. That would imply that people actually interact with me here at the site, but in truth, it's a rarity. If you would like to ask me a question - knock yourself out - send me one at I'd love to hear from you. Or click talk back over there on the left. Anyways... back to me... here are a few things you should know about me and this site. If you care. If you dare, read on.

Who are you anyways?

My name is Kathy and I am a bored housewife in the suburbs of Houston. I've given up my days as a townie for larger square footage and a shorter commute. (Read: sellout)  I work by day as a creative director for a small business-to-business distributor and moonlight at night as a part-time jack-of-all-creative endeavors. 

Why are you such a bad blogger? Why are there broken links and half-finished pages all over your site?

Because, my friends, I have the attention span of a fruit fly. A Carmen-Miranda clad fruit fly, but a fruitfly, nonetheless. I get distracted by shiny objects. I also often suffer from a lack of motivation. I foresee this as an ongoing problem, so get over it, or move on.

I see you're a little all over the place online - where else can I find you?

I'm on facebook, flickr, linkedin, twitter and you can follow my stumbles on stumbleupon. I have a shop at cafepress and one at zazzle too. When I'm feeling ambitious, I take pics of crap I make and post it on etsy. I'm almost narcissistic enough to think you would care. I know I probably don't care enough to follow you all around the web, so my feelings won't be hurt if you you just snort in disgust and keep reading....


As I mentioned above - my attention span is getting the better of me... so I'm going to go somewhere else until I come back here. You dig?